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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Goddess Connection

I let go of all thoughts but those of Love ...

To look within and find courage, strength and unconditional acceptance through the Goddess connection that is our birthright.

As I sit here, amidst the hubbub of everyday life, looking out from my peaceful home, my thoughts are drawn to memories of the womb. Yes, to be carried in that warm, nurturing place; to be in a world of my own -- home. Is today's experience another level of that?

I breathe deeply and close my eyes and go within to that eternal womb of creativity from which all life comes. In this moment I am one with Goddess, Mother of all life; I feel her nurturing essence holding all there is in her warm embrace. I relax and let go, knowing she is with me always and I open my heart to receive her gentle love; I open my ears to receive her wise counsel; I open my inner eyes to follow her soft illumination ...

Swiftly and surely I move forward on my path knowing I am guided each step of my way ... Goddess is always with me; her incisive inspiration is always here when I stop and look within and then listen and trust the power of Love, flowing always at the source of my being, as I act in the world.

My heart is open wide now and I let go of all thoughts but those of Love. I feel warmth rush through me from Mother Earth to Grandmother Sky and I am one with this wonderful, divine flow. Yes, I am never apart from this beautiful, uplifting energy; in this moment I know I am loved and that I am Love. Gratitude gracefully flows through me now; I bow my head and lift my arms and accept your gifts of strength, beauty and life as I am constantly renewed by this circulation of good that is as regular as a heartbeat. I am grateful for the peace and beauty I feel right now and I accept, "This is me!" In this holy instant I accept this eternal truth: I am Love and I Love myself as I Love Goddess -- we truly are One!

Yes, I am in your womb, Mother of all creation, learning, growing, being held and nurtured by your constant presence. So, I release these words to you now, as I release my body, mind and spirit into the flow of evolution that is your goodness, your creation. As it is now, so it will ever be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/7/98)


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