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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Relationship Transition

I faithfully follow the guidance that comes to me ...

To relax and let go and let Nature take its course in its flowing, easy, gentle ways as you transition from an old relationship to the possibilities of a new one.

In the bright light of day I look out and see nature at its best. The sun is shining, the trees and bushes wave slightly in the gentle breeze. The birds forage in the green grass as it reaches for the sky. Everywhere I look I see the dance of life. All is peaceful and harmonious. All is in divine right order.

Nature's first law is order. As I turn my attention toward the intelligence and power creating the universe I relax and look within. Here, in the rhythm of my breath and the beating of my heart I find divine right order. As I rest here in the comfort of my self, I feel my connection with Nature. I am a natural being, a natural product of the laws of the universe, just as is all I see around me. We are no different; all creation has at its core the Creator of the universe. At the beginning there is no separation -- there is only unity, oneness, wholeness, perfection. For this moment I dwell in this perfection.

Resting here in this timeless moment I open my mouth and speak these words knowing they have creative force in the world because they come from the center where I am consciously one with the Creator. I claim for myself and my former spouse an easy, harmonious relationship as we move on in the world to new experiences and new relationships. I know the love that brought us together is the Creator's gift and it never dies; and that it transforms from a couple's love for one another into a mutual respect for the individuals we are and the new places we occupy in the world.

I open myself to easily, honestly and peacefully accept the possibility and reality of a new mate into my life. I know the Creator in me knows what is best for me. I faithfully follow the guidance that comes to me in these special times I take to quiet my mind and just look and listen within.

Thank you Creator for always being with me and always offering your guidance without judgement or blame. I accept your voice as right and good and release my fears and let them go knowing your strength is my ally. I am eternally grateful for your presence and action in my life now.

I release these words into the creative process, knowing they are true and manifest now. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/1/99)


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