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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Law of Attraction -- No Post Surgery Complications

I am so full of God!... I Love it!...

For You as you recover from surgery to know the presence of God in all involved and to experience a perfectly healing body with no complications.

Relaxing into this moment, I sit and breathe... I breathe easily and fully... I relax each part of my body... Wherever I feel tension I let go... I breathe easily and fully... I watch my thoughts as they flow by... I just let them go... I breathe easily and fully... I relax into this moment... this moment that is filled with the presence of God, the Creator...

God the Creator of this universe; God the Creative Intelligence coming to life in all existence; God the ineffable presence in, of and around each and every part of all creation; God the life force animating each of us as we grow through life; God, in truth, is all there is!

Accepting my oneness with God, I breathe deep and relax... I sense the presence of God within me now and know this power within myself is right now working with me and through me to create my life just the way I want it; so, I choose to speak my word as cocreator of my experience of this uninverse, this world, this life, to call forth the highest good for myself and those around me.

I feel the healing power of God in my hand right now; I accept this activity and the relief it brings me; I relax into this healing process knowing the Creative Intelligence knows just what to do; I am able to relax because the healing professionals caring for me have this same relationship with God within them and the Creative Intelligence guides them in their actions regarding my care and healing. I relax and let my intuition be my guide when in conversation with myself and with others. My intuition is my connection to the Creator of the universe within me. I relax and listen whenever I feel the need and I am answered. I follow this guidance easily and naturally and I am rewarded with positive results.

I am so grateful for the power and presence I feel in myself right now. I am grateful for the connection that is always present when I take the time to look within, to listen within, to relax within my very self. I am so full of God! ... I Love it! Thank you for guiding, sustaining and nurturing me through this time.

And so, on this happy, buoyant note I consciously choose to release this word into the Law that always says Yes! In faith believing I say Yes!, too, and just let it be so, and so it is!

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/24/06)


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