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Monday, February 26, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Critical Medical Problems

I take this time to relax and accept God's presence ...

For Child and Parent to relax into the Love of God and its unlimited power and presence to transcend all apparent limitations caused by critical medical problems; and to know that whatever the outcome, it is for the highest good of all concerned.

As I contemplate the conditions I see in my life, I feel sad. I breathe deeply and close my eyes and go into this feeling. I think of parent and of Child and of Grandchild. Three generations sharing time and place; then there is movement and change. I breathe deeply and close my eyes and ask for understanding of what it is I am experiencing.

God is all there is ... in the beginning ... now ... and forever. One constant wholeness moving out from the beginning of time as the Universe. I ride this wave of evolution as does everything and everyone else in the Universe. I see God's creativity in the world around me; I see God in flowers, trees, sky and people. I feel God's creativity in me and all the molecules and atoms that make up this body. I move with God through time and space and even in thought and imagination in a beautiful dance that creates my life and moves my dreams and aspirations from thought to experience.

God is all there is and I am one with God. I am one self-reflective point of God's activity in the universe. My thoughts, words and actions use God's universal laws to create my experience of life now. So I choose my words carefully right now to bring into experience what is for my highest good and the highest good of my family and community.

My Parent is a divine child of the Universe and is blessed with the love of family and friends. My Parent is one with God as they move through these physical challenges. The outcome of these challenges are in God's hands which includes health care professionals', family members' and Parent's own hands.

The healing power of the divine works in strange and mysterious ways and I open myself to receive and to transmit this power in every way I can. I am open to follow inspiration and inner guidance in thought, word and deed. I use these insights in talking with the health care professionals and family members. With God as my guide, I face this challenge, and all challenges, with confidence, courage and a positive attitude. I know life is good, beyond any appearances to the contrary.

I am grateful for this affirmation of the power of God in my life and my family's life now. Thank you God for being with us now and always. I take this time to relax and accept your presence in my life.

I rest and let it be as I release these words into your presence and law knowing that only good comes from them. And so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/11/99)


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