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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Abundance, Guidance, Care of Mother

I am guided to my highest purpose, expression and goodness ...

For You to relax into the principles of Spirit and open to the natural flow of abundance and guidance that is always with you, and to know that your Mother is cared for and nurtured by the one Spirit that is enlivened in her even more vividly with your kind, compassionate, loving thoughts.

Now I sit and breathe deeply ... and let it go ... I do this until my mind is focused and my awareness is one with my breath. With each breath I let go of whatever is in my mind, gently returning my awareness to my breath ... again ... and again ...

Peaceful, clear thoughts fill my mind ... there is one Spirit, one Presence, one Power immanent in all things. In the earth below and the sky above ... In the grass, flowers, trees and birds ... In the wind, the chimes, the music ... Yes, there is a loving, compassionate, peaceful presence in and around all things now and always.

I feel, hear, see this presence in me and all around me. I relax into this peacefulness and consciously choose to speak my word as an inspired outpouring of Love from this presence. I know this inspiration is causative and creative in its expression and affirm that it brings only good into my life and my loved one's lives.

I consciously turn my legal problems over to Spirit. I know I am guided by Spirit to make the right decisions and choices in this matter. I know Spirit is operative and active in each of the participants in this matter and trust Spirit to manifest justice and fairness for all.

I accept the flow of abundance and support into my life as naturally and easily as I accept the circulation of air through my body. I know and I affirm that I am supported financially, materially and spiritually through my efforts in the world.

I know I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience and relax into this truth. I open myself up to the energy flowing from the source of all that exists and align myself with its evolutionary unfoldment. I know I am guided to my highest purpose, expression and goodness through this alignment.

As I think of my Mother and relax and smile I remember her warm nurturing embrace. Even from a distance I know this memory is true and can feel it now. I return this feeling to my Mother to embrace and nurture and support her in this time of loneliness and change. I see her as a bright, happy person finding her wholeness and self-sufficiency right where she is now. In truth there is no time or space, we are one now and forever.

As I think on the power and import of these words, I accept them as true and manifest now. I am so grateful for the conscious presence of Spirit in my life, I release these words into the Law knowing that all is well as I move forward in my life. Thank you Spirit in me and in all that exists for your patience, your power, your inspiration. I relax and let Life be.

Blessed are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/21/00)


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