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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Get in touch with Intuition

Yes, I am able to trust my intuition ...

For You to get in touch with your center as you move forward in your life freely, easily, gently, with clear intent as a loving presence.

Sitting, releasing, letting go... Gently and easily the breath flows in and out... Gently and easily the thoughts flow through... Gently and easily my attention turns within... Gently and easily I relax into this moment, just this moment...

One moment filled with God... One moment filled with Love... One moment filled with my self... One moment filled with myself and God...

God, the originator of the universe... God the Intelligence within all things... God the evolutionary force growing the universe even as it grows each of us as individuals... God is all there is, in Truth... I consciously relax into this truth, allowing my conscious and subconscious mind to merge with all consciousness in God.

One pointed and present in this moment, I acknowledge my oneness with God, with Love, with my Self and the creative potential this moment contains. I choose to consciously use my initiative to call forward into my life experiences I desire.

I relax into my center releasing all confusion and impatience as I breathe into my connection with God; here in my center, the center of my being. Here I watch, I listen: I receive guidance, I receive clarity, I receive a feeling of being nurtured and supported by the love of God -- I accept. I release and let go of all that has gone before and open myself to love. Yes, I am ready to fall in love. Yes, I am able to trust my intuition. Yes, I am able to be in the moment without a specific result in mind. Yes, I release fear, doubt and judgment. Yes, I stay in integrity, openness and connection with God. I step into the unknown and let my life evolve one step at a time.

I return to this center easily and naturally whenever I stop, breathe, look within and observe and move through the thoughts and feelings to this place of oneness with God -- this place of neutrality where all becomes clear. Here I see with God's eyes the bigger picture and know the truth for my self and act from this place of knowing, feeling, understanding easily, naturally, in a relaxed and positive way, for the highest good of all concerned.

I am so grateful for this profound connection with God -- with my self -- I relax with a sense of well being and oneness with all around me. Thank you.

Wow! I just release this word into the law that always says Yes. And just let it be, and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/8/06)


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