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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Move Beyond Disease

Love is constant, Spirit is constant, I am constant ...

For patient and family to move beyond disease (the condition) to health (the truth).

Relax with a deep breath ... as you continue breathing, focus your awareness on your breath ... let go of all extraneous thoughts and focus on your breath ... with each breath affirm, "I am one with the infinite Spirit of Life" ...

Yes, I am one with the creator of life, that omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent Spirit present right here as me and as you and as all we see, feel and know. Spirit is present in every cell of my body; there is no spot that Spirit is not wholly, completely and perfectly present; this is the truth. Spirit is present in these words, in the patient and in their family. Spirit brings recovery, balance, order, harmony and health to our lives naturally, easily, inexorably ...

The patient is an unique expression of Spirit and is One with Spirit. Disease is an apparent condition that has no connection to the truth of being; disease rallies the forces of compassion, care and kindness to replace it with love, health and truth. Love is constant, Spirit is constant, Life is constantly evolving and unfolding in new ways bringing each of us to a greater realization of who and what we are. This appearance of disease in the patient now brings with it opportunities to learn and grow. I accept this truth for the patient and family now in oneness with Spirit and allow fear, doubt and worry to be transformed to love, peace and wisdom in my consciousness ... in the one consciousness we all share ... in the consciousness of the patient and family. As I fill myself with the presence of Spirit I place my awareness with the patient and see him/her filled with the light of Spirit and know unequivocally that the healing I claim now is the truth!

This vital presence of Spirit energizes the patient and each member of their family so they all know and accept the healing that is right for them in this situation. This knowing and acceptance flows spontaneously from the heart of each person involved and touches each person involved -- We are One!

Thank you Spirit for watching with us, walking with us, being with us always; and thank you for the omnipresent Love to which I now release these words; fully knowing they are true even before being spoken, I just let them be. And so it is now and always ...


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/6/96)


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