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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Liver Transplant

I hold in Mind a vision of perfection ...

For Recipient, Family and Friends to keep that bright outlook and positive attitude that allows for marvelous results as a new liver is introduced to their body and the new life that comes with it. Here is a prayer for Health, Happiness and Wholeness.

As I sit here in the evening light my thoughts drift and I find myself thinking about what's right. I feel the urge within me to say a few words in support of the Recipient, Family and Friends, as they face the unknown.

Peacefully I sit in the present moment. Peacefully I breathe in and out. Peacefully I contemplate the meaning of this moment. Peacefully I turn my thoughts to the healing power I know is present here and everywhere at any and all times. Peacefully I breathe in this truth and breathe out any doubts or fears that get in the way of feeling peaceful in the knowledge of the healing presence of the universal intelligence.

Peaceful, centered, present, I relax and choose to speak my word affirming this presence right here where I am and right there where the Recipient is. I know, affirm and accept the Oneness of life we all share. I know my words, thoughts and feelings are causative and effective in all the world around me. So, I stop right here and now to focus this creative process on the situation at hand. I know there is one life, Nature's life. The Recipient's life is part of this larger Life as is my life. I know in this larger view we are one and what I claim and say for myself in the first person is also for the Recipient and those around them.

I relax into the natural presence of life unfolding that is everywhere present on this planet. I think of the Recipient and see them immersed in this presence, and their family immersed in this presence, and their friends and acquaintances immersed in this presence, and their health care providers immersed in this presence ... I know each and everyone holds only thoughts of balance, goodness, health and wholeness for the Recipient in this community of support.

I voice these words from this presence of Love and know that all is well here and now. I hold in Mind a vision of the perfection that is the truth beyond all appearances and know that this realization is what we are all moving toward. Movement and change is constant and this situation is no exception; the movement and change is positive, enlightening and healing for all involved. I hold this vision firmly in mind now and allow this feeling, knowing, seeing to unfold in Nature's own way in space and time.

I am grateful for the wholeness I am a part of now in this community of Love, Respect and Goodness. I am grateful for the Donor and all who work together to manifest this miracle of Life. Thank you Spirit for your many gifts and miracles. I accept your perfect unfoldment in this situation.

And I release these words into your process, knowing they are true and manifest even as they are voiced.

So it is! Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/8/00)


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