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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Law of Attraction -- for World to have Peace

As I heal myself I heal the world ...

For the entire world to have Peace.

Sitting here in the light of day, I relax. Sitting here in the light of day, I breathe. Sitting here in the light of day, I think. Sitting here in the light of day, I contemplate the state of the world. Sitting here in the light of day, I relax, I breathe, I think, I contemplate the state of the world and wonder what happens when Peace prevails on Earth. Now I just let it all go and turn my attention to the Creator of the Universe.

One Creator, one Universe, one Process creating all that exists. Creative intelligence moves equally through all that is created, all that exists is from one Source. One Consciousness fills all the Universe with Itself.

I relax into this idea and look within myself for my connection with this single Consciousness. I relax and breathe and let the thoughts flow through my mind without holding on to them or following them; I sit with one goal, to feel my connection with the One. Breathing, relaxing, breathing, relaxing ... In this gentle rhythm I feel my limits expanding ... As I look within I feel an expansion of space and time ... I feel I am part of something bigger than myself alone ... I relax into this feeling ... I sense a movement within my awareness and consciousness of this situation to accept my connection with the Creator ... Yes, I am an active, thinking, feeling, conscious aspect of the Creator of all that exists ... I am cocreating my experiences here on Earth at this time ... Amazing! ...

In this place of realization of my oneness with the Creator, I consciously choose to claim my greatest good right here and now. I see a world at Peace. A world filled with individual aspects of the one Creator interacting in harmony and balance. Each aspect has a role to play in this divine outpicturing of the Peace I find in my center, in my connection with the Creator. Yes, I claim my own role in this divine dance as a Peacemaker. I find this Peace within myself and share it with the world easily and gently, totally and fully, with passion and love for all existence. Everywhere I look I see the Creator looking back at me affirming the goodness and Peace I bring to the world by being me. I move forward affirming that Peace is the truth at the heart of all dysfunction and as I heal myself I heal the world.

Yes, I heal the world and bring Peace to the forefront. For this I am grateful and affirm there are many others like myself bringing Peace into the world consciously by being their true selves. Thank you Creator for being with us always with wisdom and clarity. I relax into your evolving embrace and am empowered and emboldened to be myself.

Now, I release this word to the creative law of the universe that always says yes, and let Peace unfold for all. And so I let it be.

Blessed Are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/9/06)


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