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Friday, December 15, 2006

Law of Attraction -- World Peace and Success

I radiate Peace and Love out to all the World...

For You to relax and fill your heart with Peace, thus moving everyone in the world closer to the realization of the Peace within. And to use this attitude in finding the clarity to move forward successfully in business.

God is all there is. Creative intelligence bringing itself forward into manifestation creating the universe, the galaxies, the solar system, the earth--our world. God is Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Love. God is all things--no spot where God is not.

We are manifestations of God; therefore each is Creative Intelligence expressing itself here on Earth. I know and affirm that this creative intelligence in me is creating the world within and the world without and choose now to focus this intelligence on my desires for World Peace and success in business.

Breathing deeply and evenly I relax into this moment, this present moment. This gentle rhythm brings me within through my heart to my center. I pause here and reflect on my intentions. I relax further into my center with each breath. As I continue this practice I find myself coming in contact with my connection to God within. As I relax further I feel the truth that God is everywhere. I focus on the Peace I find here in my connection with God. I relax into this Peace and allow it to radiate out through my connection with God to all the world. Yes, I am Peace, right here, right now. My world is filled with Peace and I radiate this out to all that are open to receive it. Yes, this is the Peace that is meant to be. And I let it be so.

In this peaceful place of connection with God, I feel the natural abundance of nature all around me. I relax into this feeling of abundance and feel an happiness arise within me as I contemplate my new business. I feel a sense of satisfaction that I am able to bring myself, my special gifts to the world, as my contribution to the whole. I feel the natural flow of life and commerce that are so closely aligned and move easily into this flow. Yes, I am a part of the natural flow of prosperity and success. And I let this be.

I am so grateful for the fullness of life, of God, expressing through me as me. I accept this connection now and always, we are never apart. I move in alignment with the clarity I find within and express my love and gratitude each day, with each person I meet.

I release this word into the creative process knowing and accepting that it is true and manifest even as I let it go.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/17/05)


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