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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Joyful, Light-filled Home

With peace in my heart I am free ...

To know You are one with God and manifesting all your God qualities easily and naturally; peace, power, patience predominate as You create a home filled with joy, love and light.

With Peace in my heart I relax into this morning. With peace in my heart I am free to be me ... with peace in my heart I open to the infinite possibilities of life. With peace in my heart I find my way through life easily and naturally. With peace in my heart I know I am one with God.

God is everywhere present in creation and God is present in me, right now. I recognize this fact and bring it into my awareness now and feel that presence of God that I am, now and always ...

I know that what is true for me right now is true for everyone; it can be no other way for we are all created from one source, one creator and coexist in one universe.

I relax into this truth and move forward into this day, and each day, with an attitude of gratitude for the power, presence and potential of God expressing through me, as me, and know that as I speak these words their truth cannot be denied. My word is God's word and I bless this moment with reverence and respect for the good I am naturally creating for myself and those around me.

Change, as evolution, is constant throughout existence and I move on in my life creating a comfortable home for myself wherever I am. I accept the safety and sanctity of my home and am happy here, right where I am. I relax into the light, love and joy of God that I immerse myself in.

With Peace in my heart I relax into this morning, and every morning, and move on into the new day with God as my guide. Thank you Life for the power, presence and perfection of this moment ... I accept it, I bless it, I let it be, now and forevermore.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 4/30/98)


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