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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Rejuvenate Your Soul

Centered in Oneness I relax and let go ...

For You to feel the freshness of life coming from the source pure and clean, moving you to a new, fuller perspective that opens you to more of the limitless potential you represent in the universe, thereby rejuvenating your soul.

I relax and I let go; I look out the window and watch the crows flutter around the big cedar tree next door. I notice how still and quiet the air is under the bright sunny skies of this morning. I breathe deeply and relax into this quiet ...

I close my eyes and go within ... I breathe easily, evenly, deeply ... I allow my attention to naturally rest on the quiet ... the quiet between my breaths ... the quiet between beats of my heart ... the quiet in the center of being ... the quiet at the beginning of life ... the quiet at the beginning of existence ...

There is one source, one origin of all existence, of all Life ... as I touch the quiet at the center of my being, I touch the quiet that is the beginning of all that exists. Here all is one, unified, whole. All are connected through our source. And as we multiply and move out from this center we are always connected. It can be no other way.

Resting now in the center, at the beginning, I know there is one mind, one creator of all that is and that I am consciously an active part of this mind. I know that the thoughts I think and the words I speak are creative and that as they reach out and touch my request, they create a positive change.

Centered in Oneness I relax and let go ... I let go of all attachments and judgements ... I let go of all notions and naggings ... I let go of all desires and confusions ... I just let go and float in the oneness of creation ... Here I am free to be purely me ... pure and fresh as the day I was conceived ... Here I am with all the potential of the universe within me. I accept this as the truth today and every day ... as I take time to sit in the quiet ... as I take time to return to the one source, if even for a second, each day ... here I am refreshed and renewed.

Now I move out into the world -- move out into my potential -- with clarity, purpose and poise. And I am so grateful, so thankful, for this experience, I raise my arms, I raise my eyes and say, "Yes!" Yes, to life, Yes to me, Yes to the world because I am an integral, creative, evolving individual piece of the whole and I Love being Me!

As I speak, it is so, now and forevermore.

Blessed are we!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/22/98)


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