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Monday, October 02, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Moving to New Area

"Yes!" I am me, myself, and no other ...

For Anyone moving to a new area to affirm the truth of this moment: the world is a field of unlimited possibility and the path to your destiny is open and clear before you.

Now you stand on the threshold of a new adventure and move into it with those bright eyes shining and that inborn optimism intact. I see a beautiful person here moving forward in life, ready to claim that role you are born to fill.

Affirm with me that this role is ready and waiting to be claimed. Relax, breathe deeply and let it go ... relax, breathe deeply and let it go ... Stop ... stop thinking ... let those thoughts go, just as you let your breath go and think them no more. Relax into your heart ... relax into the center of your being ... relax and listen, relax and feel, relax and see, relax and merge with the universal oneness of life ...

Affirm: there is one life, one spirit, one love everywhere equally present and it is fully present right here with me! I feel the comforting presence of that intelligence that has grown me from embryo to now effortlessly. I relax and let my mind rest without thought. My attention, my awareness, is on the flow of creation and my place in it ... I take the time now to go with this flow and to immerse myself in beauty, power, peace, joy, love, life, light, wisdom and harmony ... I naturally, easily, completely absorb the sense, the idea of my role in the universal play and confidently, courageously and consciously say, "Yes!" I am me, myself, and no other. I claim this path I sense deep within me and know that all my choices lead me closer to that destination I sense imprinted deep in my being.

I move on in life, through life, as life, knowing everywhere I go here I am. And wherever I am, here also is the power creating the universe; we are one. I peacefully and gratefully accept all that I find in my new home as an integral part of the One for that is the truth; I feel this truth deep within and see it all around me.

I relax and let go and say "Thank you Life!" I accept myself and my life for the joy I feel in this moment and for the potential I know, beyond all doubt, is unfolding naturally as me. Gratefully I relax and smile as I accept the perfection of life unfolding.

Peacefully I release these words into the universe knowing their truth goes on for ever and ever. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/17/97)


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