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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Good Evolves into Potential

I know good ... I affirm good ... I live good!

For you to feel and experience the Good in you and all around you and to use this good to evolve into your inborn potential.

I sit with myself and I breathe deeply and relax ...

As I look out the window I see the apples growing on the trees, and taste their sweetness; I hear the crows cawing loudly as they circle the old redwood tree next door; I see the beauty of my surroundings in all its forms ... I sit with myself and I breathe deeply and relax ...

I close my eyes and allow my awareness to go in, toward my heart ... I notice a full range of emotions, not unlike what I see outside: abundance, beauty, mystery ... I feel the richness of Life and the fullness of existence right here where I am and all around me ...

In this moment I feel myself as One with the entire universe and know this is true and good. There is no separation, for there is no spot that Good is not. In this moment I accept this truth fully and completely knowing this wonderful creativity and openness is the expression of the one Spirit that is Good itself. I accept this fully, totally, without reservation or complaint. It can be no other way for as I believe I receive.

I believe in one abundant universe where there is truly one Good.

I align myself with this truth and follow my path unerringly with Spirit as my guide.

Only Good can come from my actions in the world and only Good can come to me.

I open my heart, my mind and my mouth knowing my feelings, my thoughts and my words are creative.

I watch carefully and turn negative feelings, thoughts and words to positive ones through affirmations; I affirm the positive in that very moment I notice the negativity in me.

I take full responsibility for all I find in my life and create my life as I want it to be.

Doubts, fears, insecurities are all transformed in this process to faith, courage and self confidence.

I have all I need right now, in this moment, to be successful on my chosen path. I know it ... I affirm it ... I live it!

I am so thankful for being one with this divine process and recognizing my central role in it as partners with Good.

I accept the truth of myself as a successful expression of the one Spirit, serving the whole in my unique way.

I release these words to the flow of Spirit through Life knowing they are true even before they are spoken; and so it is and so I let it be now and forever...


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/21/97)


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