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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Equilibrium

I accept balance, harmony and abundance into my life now.

For You to hold firmly in mind the feeling of balance and equilibrium you seek in life so that you bring that into your experience, easily, naturally, one step at a time.

I breathe in ... I breathe out ... constantly and consistently ... I never stop ... this is the way life is ... As I quietly watch this process, I relax into this moment, letting go of all other considerations ... I am breathing ... I am living ...

There is a Power and Intelligence in me, through me, supporting me, guiding me, as I sit here breathing ... living ... I relax into the flow of energy and information that I am, and that I realize I am, in this moment ... I know I am not alone, I am one with everything that exists ... I am one with nature, with man, with the creative Intelligence forming the universe out of nothing, out of the void ... I can be no other way ...

As I sit and relax into this moment I realize I am a conscious, thinking, breathing, creative center of a living world. My decisions create my life; I choose the life I lead. And now I am choosing anew; I align myself with the natural flow of creation that moves through me and all around me; I align myself with the natural flow of life toward greater balance and harmony; I align my actions with the universal Intelligence naturally expressing through me; I accept the guidance that is always available within to bring me to realization of my greatest contribution to life and my greatest rewards.

I accept financial stability into my life. I stop ... look within ... listen to my intuition ... act in harmony with what I know ... accept the support and goodness that comes to me. I relax into the rhythm of life and move forward one step at a time creating a new, more balanced life one step at a time.

Thank you universal Intelligence for your guidance and support. I accept the naturalness and consistency of your presence and move forward expecting and accepting balance, harmony and abundance into my life now.

As I speak these words I release them into the fullness of Creation and feel their truth in my life now.

And so I let it be. Yes!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/28/98)


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