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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Bless their Transition

I let go and enjoy my memories...

For those that know someone who has passed on recently, to bless them on their way and to use this time to heal the pain of loss by embracing Oneness.

Sunlight and blue sky; green trees and still air; a breeze ruffles a few leaves and I take a big breath and sigh. What does my breath move? Is it one with the breeze? ... I relax into my heart, into that point within where I am connected to all that is on an inner, knowing, feeling level of experience.

Here, I allow my mind to expand into the one mind and I relax further into this larger experience of life. I breathe in love and exhale anything unlike love; again and again until I feel deeply my oneness with creation.

Now I allow the answers to my questions to come to me; I know the right answers are individual to me even though they are universal in effect. I listen, I accept, I listen some more, I accept. As long as it takes I stay here, quiet, receptive, open, receiving the wisdom of creation and of life and death.

I accept the ungoingness of each individual manifestation of Spirit. I accept my immortality and the immortality of my family and loved ones and all beings, everywhere. There is a goodness in this atmosphere and I accept my role in it without reservation. I bless the memory of those that have gone before me; I bless the ancestors, the friends, the great leaders and the fallen soldiers, the husbands and wives, children and fathers and mothers, all those that have graced earth with their presence in this country and every country in this world and out of this world. We are one in mind, one in creation, one in this wonderful universe. I bless you.

In this present moment I let go and enjoy my memories. I am equally at peace with the pain and the pleasure. I am satisfied with my role in this drama of life I bring to mind. I see it from on high as an eagle watching the landscape below and all that I see is good in this larger view that takes in the whole cycle of creation, existence, dissolution to creation once again and then again...

I am blessed to be a part of this oneness and I am grateful, so grateful for this experience. I am uplifted and realize my wholeness and my holiness in this moment and what is true of me I realize is true of everyone. I thankfully accept this for me and for everyone. In oneness we are conceived, in oneness we pass on. It is the way of creation. And so I let it be; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/4/97)


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