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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Leave employment

I am grateful for the power, presence, passion I am.

The issues I see are acceptance of what is real in this moment as perfect; acceptance of yourself as whole; acceptance of the truth that your employers are just fine with and without you. And to not only accept this but know it, understand it, believe it in your heart of hearts so that all your actions regarding this are fueled by love; that is love of and for yourself, the gifts (including work) that you bring to the world, and love for the creator of all that is.

Relaxing into this moment... breathing easily and fully... allowing attention to follow the breath... aware now of the life force moving through my body...

Life, the divine gift we all share. Life, one aspect of the divine creator. Life, present right here in me, as me. I feel my connection with the creator of all... Everywhere my thought goes, I find the creator. There is no place the creator is not fully and completely present. The creator's life is the universe. In this moment of divine connection with the creator I see, find and claim the creator's ability to create as one aspect of me and I use it now in this prayer.

In this moment of oneness with all the universe I sense a profound force holding everything together, Love. I allow this feeling of Love to wash over me and through me with its warm embrace and I am filled with peace and tranquility. I think upon my years in this job and bless them for the gifts they have brought me through hard times and good times; I release them now to the past and focus on the present.

Here and now I accept myself as the person I am today, strong, compassionate, capable, filled with creator's Love, which is my Love. Here in the oneness of all existence, I affirm this same Love is with my employers and in this way we are one; I affirm their ability to be fine in my absence and I bless them on their path as I bless myself as I follow my path.

I accept this moment as perfect; this moment, in truth, is infinite and eternal. I accept myself as whole; I not only accept this truth but know it, understand it, believe it in my heart of hearts where creator and I are one. All my actions regarding this are fueled by love; that is, love of and for myself, for the gifts that I bring to the world and love for the creator of all that is.

I am filled with gratitude for the power, presence and passion I feel in this moment and move forward with a grateful heart.

I release all that is put into motion by this word into Life's creative process that always says Yes to the truth, and just let Life unfold easy and relaxed, healthy and positive, for the highest good of all concerned.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/23/06)


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