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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Am One with The Creator

I am one with the creator and therefore am whole, perfect and complete...

An affirmative prayer for your good health.

As I sit here, feeling the earth beneath me holding me on this heavenly body we call Earth, I relax into the constant embrace of gravity. As I relax, I turn my attention to my breath, relaxing a bit more with each one. Now that I am relaxed, I turn my attention to my heart, and feel its constant rhythm, pulsing with life.

Focused here in the center of my being, I feel a closeness with the creation of my life; I know intuitively I am one with the divine creator that is at the heart of the universe, creating all that exists.

In this moment of divine coincidence, I relax and feel this creative flow moving through me, as me, right here and now. My heart beats as one with the universal heart. I relax and allow this creative energy to heal my body, my mind, my emotions, and to reveal the truth that in this moment I am one with the creator and therefore am whole, perfect and complete.

I feel a great gratitude for this vision of perfection and know that each health care worker, each member of my family and each friend that cares for me is one with this creative flow and that I am held in Love and am safe.

I release my self into this creative flow of healing Love and allow it to transform me into my healthy true self. I release this prayer into the creator's divine intelligence, knowing it is manifest and true here and now.

Thank you All for holding me in Love.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/23/03)


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