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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Stand Strong in Spirit

I see only the purity of God, of Good ...

For You to stand strong in Spirit and be one with the flow of
Abundance that is naturally present every where in the universe so that
all debts are paid and there is no need or desire to accumulate more debt.
And to relate with your child from the place of Unconditional Love
that is one with God.

Peacefully I sit, relaxing into this day. I release all thoughts into
the flow of time ... I sit in this moment ... and feel eternity opening
all around me ... I sit in this moment ... and am one with the infinite.
I sit in this moment ... and watch my breath. I sit in this moment ...
and feel the rhythm of life. I sit in this moment ... and feel the
creative spark I am in this sea of consciousness. I sit in this moment ...
and know I am one with the source of the universe.

I sit thoughtless in the sea of consciousness waiting patiently for the
inspiration of Spirit to clearly illuminate my path through life. I know I
am born with a divine purpose in mind -- in the one Mind I am now immersed
in. I patiently wait ... I listen ... I look ... I sit ... I wait ...
I know there is one power creating all there is in the universe ... I know
this power is creating me right now ... I know this power is creating my
experience of life right now ... I know I use this power with each breath,
with each thought I make, with each step I take ... this power is equally
present everywhere in the universe creating everything ...

I relax into the Oneness of existence and feel the power I manifest
here, now. I relax and choose that which I claim as my highest good right
now. I give freely of my God given talents and receive ample sustenance in
return. Each and every debt I have is paid in full, naturally and easily.
I enter into the flow of abundance that is the truth of existence here on
earth and have adequate resources to support myself and my family richly.
I feel deeply the Unconditional Love of God and act toward myself and
everyone from my heart with Unconditional Acceptance of the good they
are; and I accept the same from all I meet.

I know this is a natural process and I freely and easily enter into it.
I forgive myself and all others of any perceived trespasses on the
integrity of Life and release any judgments I may have formed. I see
only the purity of God, of Good, in everyone and everything and I hold
this firmly in mind even in the severest of cases and am rewarded with
the truth breaking through even the hardest situations.

As I am one with God so is my child; it can be no other way. We stand
together in unconditional Love and in the fullness of this Light see
each other truthfully and accept one another unconditionally; for that
deepest Love of parent for child and child for parent precedes and
supercedes all earthly conditions; here in the heart of Love we live in
harmony and respect.

Thank you Spirit within for guiding me and holding me to my true path
through life. Thank you for the thoughts, feelings and illuminations
that come naturally to me when I stop, look, and listen within for your
presence. My gratitude overwhelms me and my acceptance is complete.

I release this moment, these words, to your presence now, knowing the
truth they contain is manifest now and forever in the world and in the
universe. As I let it be now, so it is forever.

Blessed are We!


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