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Monday, March 17, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Employment with Creativity

I acknowledge and accept the creative power within me ...

For You to find the perfect employment now where your creativity is prized and your satisfaction is complete and each day is filled with joy.

I relax into this moment ... and I hear opera in my mind ... and imagine all the ethos and pathos going on between the characters on a vast stage ... the libretto rings out in a language I don't understand but know what it means by the actions, the phrasing and the overall feeling ... so much emotion, so much passion, freedom of expression ... how this rings in my soul ... I relax further into my center and let those images go ... I open my heart and enter into a sanctuary, my sanctuary, a place of peace and stillness ... here I listen to the silence ...

Here in the center of my being, this still, silent spot where I touch nothing, I rest. I know here in the silence, the nothingness, I am merged with the source of the universe, the source of all, my source. I silently affirm the oneness of all that exists, the one creator and the one created and I know I am never alone, never disconnected, never without guidance here in the center of my being ...

There is one Spirit everywhere present holding all existence, all life together in a bond of Love. I give myself over to this ever present force and power and relax into its evolutionary flow. I accept my power to choose that which I find in my life; I accept my power to speak my word clearly and in faith believing and have my highest good manifest in the world around me. I acknowledge and accept the creative power within me and consciously choose to use it in this prayer now.

I begin this day and each day here in the center of my being and I move out into the world confident my action in the world is inspired from my connection to the creator of the universe within me; confident I am naturally and easily drawn to the people and places where my unique gifts and talents are most needed and accepted; confident that what I hold in mind as my ideal is divinely inspired and confident that I am gently carried along in the flow of evolution experiencing only that which leads to my highest good.

I accept my role in this vast drama and also accept the lavish rewards that flow generously to me as acknowledgment, satisfaction, money, and more. I am so pleased and grateful to find myself in this situation where I can give so fully and freely of myself and experience so much joy and happiness. Thank you Love divine.

Yes! This is what I claim and this is what I accept. Life is Good! I release these words to the evolutionary flow of Life accepting them as true and manifest in my world now. And so it is forevermore.


(First published on SharePrayer 8/23/97)

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