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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Be Yourself, Accept Good

Flowers grow ... Stars glow ... I flow ...

For You to release that which doesn't serve you now and to accept the courage and strength to be yourself and accept all the good you desire into your life.

Peacefully I pause and take a deep breath ... and let it go ... I continue doing this ... and each time I imagine Love coming in and Love going out, washing away all that is unlike Love ... in this way all the negativity that I am holding is being cleaned out ...

Now I turn my attention inward knowing I am filled with all the Love I can accept ... and then I let go of even that thought as I just watch my breath ... and go deep into the center of my being ...

Here I recognize the intelligence creating me is everywhere equally present in the entire universe; I recognize that the earth, the stars, the whole universe is being created by the same energy and information that is creating me right now and I release my thought into this flow ...

Yes, I am one with the constant flow of creation; I am like the flower growing in the field and the tree growing in the forest and the star growing in the cosmos ... we are all filled with the same creative energy ... I am one with all that exists! ...

I let go and relax further into the center of my being and see myself sitting here as a center in all this creative energy ... I see myself as contributing my uniqueness to this universal flow ... I see myself as a dynamic center with all the universe flowing around me ... I feel the creativity flowing from me! ... as well as from infinite other centers ... and I hear all this coming together as a great cosmic symphony! ...

In this moment I accept my contribution as equally powerful and creative as any other contribution and I raise my voice and claim that exact good I desire for my life now:

I feel peace, acceptance, joy and hope. I accept my perfect body and health as my experience now. I release my past and move forward from this moment on. I approach any and all apparent obstacles to my health and happiness with strength and courage knowing they cannot stop or slow my forward momentum because I am one with the evolutionary flow of Life. I accept myself and my "blossoming" in the world as natural, right and good!

Yes! I feel good and grateful for the energy of evolution in me now. Thank you Life for revealing the fullness of creation to me/as me in this eternally evolving present moment! I am with it now and for evermore. I release these words and declarations to the flow now, knowing their truth is one with the Truth and so I let it be and so it is.

Blessed are we

(First published on SharePrayer 8/17/97)

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