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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Rise above Doubt

I coexist in harmony with all creation ...

To rise above the clouds of doubt into the clarity of Nature's Love.

Taking a moment to sit in silence ... I close my eyes and relax with a deep breath ... I allow the thoughts to flow smoothly through my mind as I watch ... I move my attention away from my thoughts toward my heart ... what am I feeling? ... I feel a connection to something deeper, wider, further than myself ... I let go and am swept away into the oneness of existence ... I am one with the creative flow of the universe ... In this moment I feel no boundaries between my self and everything else; I coexist in harmony with all creation; I sense the power I feel in me is in everything else in existence: the desk, the chair, the floor, the wind, the sun, the sky, the cars driving by and my loved ones at my side. All is equal in my expanded view of life and existence.

I relax into this moment and affirm the oneness of life. In all this immensity there is one natural power and intelligence that evolves us from the seed into our potential. As this is true for a flower it is true for the universe, and so it is true of me as an individual person. I am so pleased with the simplicity and clarity of this truth that I laugh with joy at the beauty of it all. And speak my word claiming for myself exactly what I feel in me right now.

I am one with the universe. I am one with Love. I feel my power, my clarity, my harmony with the evolution of life into that unlimited potential that surrounds me and fills me always. I let go and let Love carry me forward into this great unknown. I accept the happiness I feel in this moment as I am swept up and carried along by Love. I say thank you Nature for your mysterious ways; thank you for embracing me, moving through me, guiding me, lighting my way, supporting me when I stumble, catching me when I fall; thank you for lifting me up and soaring with me through heaven; thank you for my personal realization and accomplishments; thank you Nature for always being with me whether I notice you or not.

In this moment I feel I can do no wrong; I am plugged into the cosmic flow of life and see everything in its proper perspective. Yes, Life is Good! I accept each and every element of it for what it contributes to the whole and I am content; I am self satisfied with my contribution to life. I am so grateful for this moment; I cherish it always.

And now I release these words to the flow of Life, knowing, accepting, blessing their Truth. And so it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/9/97)

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Healing with Holy Spirit

It is Truth I choose to experience beyond any illusions!

For You to know the healing power of the Holy Spirit within, always, so you bring Love, Peace and Light wherever you are and reveal its presence in those you meet.

Sitting calm and peaceful I allow my thoughts to gather in my Heart and merge with the thought of Spirit that always resides here. In this moment I let go of any thought of separation and know I am one with the Holy Spirit. One wonderful power, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. Wow! I feel this universal energy active in me as me as I realize there is one Creator and I am an active part of creation. In this quiet moment I allow my mind, my awareness to expand to include this truth. I and Thou are One.

Speaking clearly now I know You are one with me and we are one with the Holy Spirit. These words flow in the first person because we are One:

Joyfully I choose the words that express my feelings in this moment knowing I am stating the Truth and that it is the Truth I choose to experience beyond any illusions that may appear along my path.

Easily, naturally, gently, Joy, Beauty, Compassion, Wisdom flow to me and through me as ideas, words and actions that blend with those people around me to create a sacred space recognized as Home to all in this Presence. My thoughts reach far beyond my body bringing Spirit with them. I know beyond all doubt there is no spot Spirit is not.

I breathe deeply and relax; I allow tension to transform into relaxation ... I allow doubt to transform into faith ... I allow negative thoughts to transform into affirmations. I know the power of Spirit is with me always, guiding me as I relax wholly into the moment and allow the Truth to manifest as me, through me, around me. I choose Love in place of hurt ... I choose Peace in place of anxiousness ... I choose Light in place of ignorance.

Grateful for the power of the Holy Spirit I see, feel, hear in these words, I breathe deeply and allow them to permeate this body and know I am a Spiritual Being in a Human Body and I experience this as Good. I accept this wonderful gift wholeheartedly and enthusiastically proclaim it wherever I am by being It always.

Thank you Spirit for this guidance and this courage welling up and flowing over so naturally as Me! I now release these words to the flow of Creation knowing, feeling their Truth and just let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/10/97)