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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Law of Attraction in Action -- Contagious Love

I have Love and Love is contagious!

For You to know the fullness of God's Love in your life and to reap the harvest of happiness flowing from this Love.

I sit in the warm afternoon with eyes shut allowing the thoughts to flow out thru my fingertips. I know Spirit is here with me because there is no spot Spirit is not. As this is true for me right now I know this is true for everyone because we are one in Spirit.

Relaxing into this moment I let all my thoughts go and listen, listen carefully and attentively for Spirit's guidance; I feel my heart open and I feel Spirit's love flow out into my present; and I feel my present extend to incorporate the past and the future; all time is now; I am the center of a rapidly evolving universe and I feel Good riding this wave of Love. I breathe deeply again and again and let this wave carry me as I release all thoughts of anything except God's Love and how moved I am in this moment. Yes!

I have It and It is contagious. I feel so much Love in this moment I can't contain it, I let it go and it reaches out and touches everything and everyone around me. Everywhere I look I see love! I see Love in my family, in the grocer, in the postal person and in each person that crosses my path. I am one with Spirit and Spirit is one with me; I am so blessed and filled with Life, Love, Peace and Joy that I am Happy!

Thank you Spirit for this magical moment. I allow it to extend backwards and forwards in time and space. Love is all there is and I am grateful. I accept this vision with great gratitude now and always.

With firmness and conviction I let these words go into the universal flow of love knowing they are already true and am content to let them be and to let Love be. As I feel, see and speak, so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/24/97)

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