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Friday, June 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Into the World Confident and Clear

I create life anew with each thought ...

For You to stand as one with the creator and move into the world with confidence and clarity.

Gazing out the window I watch the world go by. The sun peeks over the eastern hills through the clear, cool morning air brightening the day. Crows gather on the power poles and in the trees complaining to each other about life. The wind chimes whirl and jingle, reflecting sounds and light into the house.

Now I turn my gaze inward and watch my world go by. Each thought has a life of its own. "I'm hungry; what's to eat?" "Should I stop this and go find something?" I watch and let them go. My awareness goes deeper, my thoughts turn to my emotions: "What am I feeling right now?" As each answer comes up I greet it with the question: "What is behind that emotion, that feeling?" I patiently wait for, then welcome, the answer. I patiently continue this process until I reach the source -- Love -- the Creator ...

Here I relax and accept the oneness of life, the oneness of creation, the oneness I am constantly immersed in and part of. I breathe deeply and let it go ... and as I inhale again I feel the strength of the creator in the inflowing air ... I feel the power in breathing, passing air through my lungs into my bloodstream ... I feel blood carrying energy to every part of my body. I know in this moment what is true for my body is true for all I see around me. Everything, everyone is strengthened and animated by the creator's power and energy.

Here I relax once again breathing deeply and steadily and relishing the creator's love I feel in my heart. I know I manifest this love by taking my place in the universe. I actively participate in the unending circulation of this power called love though all creation. I feel, I know, the truth is that I am a vital link in the expression of this oneness, this love. I accept this and ask "How am I to apply this love in the world?" As this question leaves my mind, passes over my lips, I am open to receive the answer ... In silence and stillness I stop ... look ... listen ... within for as long as it takes until I am rewarded with inspiration from the source.

I am so grateful ... Yes, so grateful for the renewal I feel in this moment ... So grateful for the energy and information I receive from the source of life through this process of affirmative prayer and quiet contemplation. I thank that source, that inspiration, that guides me to this inner place ... that brings me here to realize the ongoing support I now know is always here with me as I regularly take the time to stop ... look ... listen ... to my intuition ... and then act on it in faith believing.

I accept the natural unfolding of my life and the goodness that I am and that I bring to those around me. Whether I proceed slowly and cautiously or blast full speed ahead I am thankful for the strength and inspiration that turns me on and carries me through Life.

Life is truly good, very good. I move forward creating life anew with each thought. As I release these words into the oneness of creation I know they are true and manifest even before I form them. And so I let them resonate through all time and space as I live them fully. With Love as my guide and source I am as I am and life is as it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/4/97)

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Blogger wheatgerm said...

wrting prayers must be tuff

9:15 AM  
Blogger BalanceCoach said...

Writing prayers is the easiest most natural thing any of us can do because we are praying our way through life whether we know it or not. Think about it.


9:09 AM  

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