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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Relax and Know Truth for Patient

I know the healing power of Spirit is with the Patient ...

For You to relax into Spirit’s embrace and know the truth for the Patient and Family.

Stopping. Sitting. Breathing. Relaxing into that gentle flow of air in and out of my lungs. Feeling the earth holding me firmly, but gently to her body. Releasing thoughts as quickly as they come. Releasing everything external. Placing my awareness in my center. Following my breath into the very center of my being I feel connection with Spirit.

Spirit, God, the Thing Itself is all there is. The universe, all of existence, is Spirit. Spirit is the source and cause of all matter and activity here in our world. Spirit, the creative intelligence from which all originates and evolves is in us, of us, all around us; all is Spirit.

Relaxing into this truth, into communion with Spirit, within myself, I feel the strength of Spirit and know the connection is real and vital. As I know this for myself I know this for the Patient and all the Family, I feel it, I breathe it, I speak my word with it:

Beyond all doubt or fear, beyond all appearances to the contrary, I know the healing power of Spirit is right where the Patient is, right where each family member is, guiding, supporting, nurturing, healing, strengthening each in ways they need right now. Spirit empowers each and everyone to continue living and growing into their inborn potential. Spirit guides and supports and informs all health care workers with information and energy as they care for the Patient and Family. Compassion and love rests in the heart of all involved and this is evident whenever they gather in comfort and support. This is a difficult time, but love shows the way, love is the light that shines from each and every one holding all in its warm embrace.

I am relaxed now. Gratitude for this feeling of warmth and connection with Spirit and Family and the ability to relax and let go and let Spirit guide, sustain and nourish us all with the healing power of love fills my mind now. Thank you, thank you, thank you Spirit within for showing power and strength and applying it in this situation.

Knowing thy will is done, I release this word to the Law and Order of the universe, and it is done as spoken. So I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 3/13/06)


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