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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healing, Dancing, New Life Partner

I follow the rhythm of life ...

For You: a complete healing of body, dancing into life with wild abandon and finding a wonderful relationship with perfect life partner.

Sitting here wrapped in my thoughts I consciously relax and let them unwind ... Breathing deeply I watch them float away ... Breathing deeply I focus my awareness on my heart and the feelings there ... Breathing deeply I let go of external appearances and go within ... Breathing deeply I feel the rhythm of life in my heart's steady beat ... Breathing deeply I merge with the rhythm ... I am one with the flow of life ...

Letting my breath go on naturally and easily, I continue in the flow of life feeling my oneness with all there is. I relax and my mind expands to encompass the infinite and eternal dimensions of this moment. I am one with the source of existence; I am one with all that exists; it can be no other way in truth. I feel the power of creation in me now; I know this very same power is equally present in all that exists. I know there is no spot the creative power of the universe is not fully and totally present. I accept my ability to use this power for good in my life at the expense of no other one.

I choose this moment of total realization and surrender to the creative power within me to speak these words claiming that which I seek to assist me on my path through life. I accept the healing power of creation into my body now, bringing it to wholeness and harmony with the divine expression I am. I hear the rhythm of life and wholeness and passion for living within my soul and express it spontaneously and fully as I dance with wild abandon down my chosen path. Along my way I attract to me my perfect life partner and together we are held in perfect balance as we move as one with the rhythm of life ...

Grateful for the vision, the clarity, the happiness I experience in this moment, I accept the truth, the feeling, the reality into my life now. Thank you creative power within for this outward manifestation of your potential to bring good into my life and the life of all around me.

I release these words to the universal mind knowing they are true and manifest now as I continue moving gracefully down the path of life. So it is and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/27/97)


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