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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Healthy, Whole, Complete Now

I am healthy, whole and complete in truth right now!

Affirming You are healthy, whole and complete now.

Here I sit with the air moving easily in and out of my lungs... Here I sit with the thoughts moving easily in and out of my mind... Here I sit with God filling me with love...

God the creator of all existence; God the intelligence moving all creation in a wonderful dance of life; God the love that holds all together in balance and harmony... God the evolutionary force always moving life forward in a greater realization of its oneness with Itself...

I am one with God, God is one with me, it can be no other way. As I speak my word, I am cocreating my life with God. I am so blessed with this realization I just relax and affirm with God as my witness, as my partner, that which I know in my heart of hearts is true...

I am healthy, whole and complete in truth right now! I move through life as a demonstration of God's goodness and power. I relax into this realization whenever I feel threatened or depressed and am uplifted and nourished by the warm embrace I receive from God within. All physical limitation is an appearance and is not real; I accept it for what it is and move on affirming God's goodness and power as Me. I feel the power of love holding me together just as it does the universe; I relax into this love within me and accept the warmth and acceptance I find right here within myself.

Thank you God within for your constant love and support; I relax now in profound gratitude accepting, cherishing, flowing, evolving with our creativity coursing through my mind, body, emotions bringing to realization my divine goodness, wholeness, completeness now.

With profound acceptance I release this word into the creative process knowing as it is spoken, felt, known by God within, so it is in experience. So I let it be and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/13/06)


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