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Friday, January 12, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Release and Open

I claim my ability to cocreate my life ...

For You to release negative thinking, resistance to change, becoming open to receiving and giving.

Here in the light of day life flows smoothly along. The rain comes down, the ground soaks it up, all living things adapt to this change in weather naturally ... I take this time to relax, to breathe, to contemplate change ... Breathing in ... breathing out ... A gentle rhythm of life ... Yes, I am one with life ...

One life, one love, one divine outpouring of creation from one source, one beginning ... One creator pouring itself forth into one universe filled with itself in all complexity and consciousness. The gentle rhythm of my breath connects me to this source of all existence and I follow this thought into my center, into my connection with source ...

Here I claim my ability to cocreate my life with the creator of this universe because in truth I am an aspect of this very same creator! I move forward claiming that which I most desire in my life now. I claim a positive, forward thinking, openness to the changes that life brings. I claim by inborn ability to evolve and grow even as my children do the same. This is a wonderful process we are integral to and I relax into it affirming the goodness that is inherent in giving and receiving, growing and releasing, opening and closing, breathing in and breathing out ... all the gentle rhythms of life ...

Yes creator of all life, birther of the universe, inborn guide to all that moves and grows and changes and becomes more of its true self in this world, I am one with you and you one with me. I accept this and move forward with you in divine trust and faith in the goodness we create together.

Thank you for this inspiration. Thank you for being here with me always. Thank you for answering when I ask.

In this moment of revelation and acceptance I release this word into the law of creation in the one mind, knowing and accepting the manifestation I seek is here now and always.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/14/06)


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