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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Child's Health Challenge

I am grateful for the power of Spirit within ...

For Parents to relax into oneness with Spirit and feel the power and goodness there to bring peace, love and action in dealing with their child's health challenge.

Yes, there is a darkness present in my mind as I sit and think about this situation. I see this, I feel this, I express this ... Now I breathe deeply, again and again ... relaxing a little more with each breath ... I breathe in love and exhale darkness ... I breathe in light and exhale darkness ... I breathe in peace and exhale darkness ... I breathe in health and exhale darkness ... I breathe in power and exhale darkness ... In this way I bring myself into this present moment, a moment filled with love and light and peace and health and power and so much more ...

This moment is filled with Spirit, one whole, complete and perfect Spirit that moves forth from the beginning of time and space and fills all the universe with Itself. There is no time or place that Spirit is not totally and completely present in all its perfection.

Realizing this truth I accept my Oneness with Spirit. I accept the perfection of Spirit deep within my very being. I accept my ability to cocreate my life with this unlimited source of power, health, peace, light and love. I consciously choose to do so now.

With our child in mind and all involved in their well being I claim a smooth, easy and direct process in returning them to vibrant, active, happy activity in the world. I know the power and illumination of Spirit is with them now, filling them with the energy to move through this time easily and quickly. I know the power and illumination of Spirit is with each health care provider, guiding and moving them forward to do their part in this healing. I know and affirm the power and illumination of Spirit is with us now and always, guiding, sustaining and nurturing us as we do our part in this process.

I am grateful for the power of Spirit within to turn darkness into light, illness into health and bring joy, beauty and life to us all. Thank you Spirit for always being right here when I need you.

I release this word into the law accepting it as done and manifest in the world now! And so I let it be, and so it is.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/7/06)


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