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Monday, January 08, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Accidental Death of Pet

I affirm that Love holds all creation together ...

For You to understand the vital role You play in the divine unfoldment of life, and the unexpected lessons it brings us as we move on the spiritual path.

Time heals all wounds is an old saying that comes to mind as I sit in contemplation of the accidental death of a dog in a collision with your car. Time is a human construct to make sense out of a world that is essentially non linear. As I sit in contemplation I enter a larger reality that is non linear and wholistic in form. All space and time is one whole with no division. The Love that is expressing as this dog is a very vital part of this wholeness. The Love this dog brought to its family is still a very real part of this wholeness. The love that is this dog can never die, it is transformed into a different energy a different connection that is no less dear and important.

As I sit in contemplation of this event and these assertions I let my thinking mind go and enter the mystery without thought. I simply sit and watch my breath. I affirm the oneness of all existence. I affirm the one source of all that exists. I affirm that love that holds all creation together. I affirm the interconnectedness of all that exists now and always. I focus on the light that rises in my awareness. I focus on the compassion I feel in my heart. I focus on the immense love that wells up spontaneously for myself and all creation. I focus on the stillness behind the love ...

Beyond the loss and grief of this cathartic event I sense a divine order and purpose to all that happens in my life, in my community, in my world. Behind the inexplicable event I find a peace, a stillness, a profound love that fills my mind and displaces the feeling of tragedy.

I am filled with a profound gratitude for being put in touch with the deep love I find within myself when I sit in contemplation of the unthinkable. As I release my fear, my loved ones are more dear, the role I play is more clear. I bless the life of the dog that collided with my car; I am filled with gratitude for the gift I receive in contemplation of this event and know and affirm that it is bringing good into the world in ways both known and unknown to me now.

Thank you Spirit for your divine intervention in this tough lesson. I accept it and learn from it even as I release these words into your flow of evolutionary change.

And so it is. Amen

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/9/00)


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