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Friday, December 22, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Know and Trust Spirit

Thank you Spirit for the kindnesses I hear whispering ...

For You to know and trust the will of Spirit flowing through You right now, in this holy moment. And in opening to this flow to let go and with faith infinite and eternal allow the goodness of life to be yours now!

As I relax into this moment of peace and quiet I let Spirit within do the talking. Knowing there is only one mind I open myself to the Truth ... I breathe deeply and relax ...

One infinite, eternal power creates all there is. This power is right here, right now. It is in the air, in the ground, in my mind and in these words; It is in You, the earth, the sky and all that exists ... I see this power clearly when I look deep into your eyes ... and in this moment I feel the connection between everyone and everything fully and completely ... there is no separation between you, me and the creative power of the universe. We are truly one.

In this state of unity I claim all that is good to be known, experienced and accepted right now by all that speak, hear, feel and see the truth beyond these words:

I am a holy child of Oneness ... Spirit flows and I flow with it in the center of the stream ... I love it here ... I am relaxed, open ... all my needs are provided naturally and easily as I do what I am called to do. I am free to be all that I truly am ... my mission, my purpose, here on earth is laid out for me to follow and I do. Happiness is normal as I move through life sharing my special, Spirit given, talents with the world. When my faith is tested along the way ... I relax and breathe and move through each and every challenge with a smile on my face to the fulfillment I see on the other side.

Thank you Spirit for being here with me when I feel alone; Thank you Spirit for the kindnesses I hear whispering in my ear when I feel abandoned; Thank you world for sharing your bountiful treasures with me when I feel lack in my life. I accept the nurturing love of all my friends, knowing each one is Spirit in action. I feel the earth beneath my feet and am thankful for being supported so completely. I let go of my fears and watch the wind of time blow them away; I embrace the eternal and am whole, complete and perfect in this holy instant.

I am reborn again now and see all things anew. I move with certainty and knowingness through each day ... I am open to all possibilities. Partnered with Spirit, I know I am in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time -- all the time!

I say, "YES, LIFE! Thank you." Passionately I release these words to the creative power of the universe and let them be ... and so it is!

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/7/97)


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