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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Law of Attraction -- I am Never Alone with God

I move steadily and easily toward my highest good ...

For Anyone feeling desperate, because of the conditions in their life, to relax into the Love of the Almighty Power of God and know they are never alone.

Relax ... Breathe deeply ... feel the presence of God in your breath ... feel the gift of life in the beating of your heart ... and know as surely as life flows through your body now, God is guiding you to your highest good.

We live in a universe created by God. Before there was a universe, there was only God, therefore this universe is made by God from God. Everything and everyone in it is part God. It can be no other way. Relax into this truth now and let go of all else. Allow that creative part of you that knows it is one with God to come to the front, to rise to the top ... here is the light, the power, the knowledge to move you through each and every obstacle that appears in your path.

Affirm with me: I let go of all that serves me no longer. I am one with the creative power of the universe. I move steadily and easily toward my highest good.

I love my children. My children receive the support and education they need to grow strong, smart and true to themselves.

I love my mother. My mother receives the care her condition demands and is nurtured and loved by those that care for her.

Love carries us through each and every trial and tribulation. I love those I work with. I am supported abundantly by my work. I am a conscious human being. I create all I need to support myself and my family easily and naturally. I am led to those people and agencies that help guide me and my family to our highest good.

I relax and listen within for the guidance I need. My intuition is an ally as I discover the correct path to my highest good. I smile and accept happiness into my life now. I look out and see God reflected back to me. This is a beautiful world. My family is beautiful. I rest peacefully now, knowing I live in God's Grace.

Thank you God for your help and assistance in this time of need. I know you are with me, my children, my family and my friends. I relax into your loving presence now and always. I am grateful for my knowledge and faith and your persistence in guiding me to safety and security.

Relaxing, releasing, breathing I let it be so and so it is, now and always ...


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/11/99)


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