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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Law of Attraction -- Harmlessness

Spirit, I accept your guidance now...

For You to become the compassionate outpicturing of Spirit you truly are, and to move on down the path of life with a harmless respect for life in all its forms because of the deep, abiding realization that we are all one and what hurts one hurts us all.

As I sit here contemplating my desires and ideas I pause and let all those thoughts go with a big sigh ... I breathe in and hold it a second and let it go ... I do this several times ... watching each breath and putting my full attention on it ... letting go of all else ... in this way I bring myself into alignment with the creative energy of the universe ... I relax my hold on my unique, individual personality and enter the flow of intelligence that is constantly building, constantly evolving the universe into a more perfect and realized whole ...

Here I realize there is one power, one life, one love everywhere equally present in the universe ... Here I see myself as a vital part of the energy building this universe ... Here I feel my power and presence contributing to the wholeness of the universe ... And as I know this is true for me I know it is true for all creation for there is one life, one love, one creative Spirit ...

In this divine state of mind, I consciously choose to speak my word claiming for myself divine right action in all my affairs. I humbly release those ideas and thoughts that would lead me to harming another being into the void -- into that nothingness which surrounds everythingness -- and it is gone now and forever.

I now turn my attention and thoughts to everythingness and am pleased to find my self surrounded by and immersed in peace, beauty, joy, light, love, power and life. There is one life and this life is my life now. I am one with the Spirit of life, the creator of life, and I know it. I relax into the center of my being and find I am filled with Spirit's presence. Yes, this is the experience I choose to hold here in my heart, in the center of my being. Yes, I own the goodness I hold in my heart; Yes, I am one with the goodness in the heart of the universe and I hold it here in my heart. I recognize this goodness is the truth of all creation and I accept this as true.

I choose now to direct my life into learning more about how I am to share my unique gifts with the whole; how I best contribute to the perfect unfolding, growing, evolving universe. And in so doing accept ungoing abundant support as an active participant in the circulation of good that is the truth of life.

I am truly grateful for these words that flow easily and naturally from me, from my heart. I embrace them now and thank Spirit for giving them to me in my time of need. Spirit, I accept your guidance now!

Filled with fresh thoughts about the peaceful, joyful, expression of life I am in truth, I release these words to the creative flow of Spirit knowing they are true now and forever more.

And so it is!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 11/23/97)


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