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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Facing Death

I accept this Life filled with gratitude -- Yes!

For those facing death to know the strength of Spirit is with them as Life unfolds naturally.

Now I sit down and take a moment to breathe consciously, deeply, fully ... and feel that connection I have, through the air, with all there is. Yes! I know this air I breathe has circled the earth; I know that this air I breathe nourishes me, energizes me just as it does people, plants and animals everywhere on this planet. I breathe fully again and again and I feel good! ...

I cherish this moment for it is filled with Life; it is filled with the One Life of Spirit that is equally present everywhere in creation. In this moment I relax into the infinite, immortal flow of Spirit and know and feel and accept my Oneness with all creation, through the action of Spirit as me, in this moment -- Yes!

I am strengthen by this connection because I know it is the Truth. I release any contrary ideas or beliefs I may have hidden in my self over the years and accept this simple, eternal first Truth: "I and the Creator are One." I am blessed with Life on Earth for this moment and I truly cherish it and bless it -- Yes!

I find strength in my years and in my Joy and in my family. I face this day and every day counting the blessings I see all around me. I accept the perfection I am in this world and the role I play with great appreciation. I turn to Spirit to guide me, to nurture me, to comfort me when pain intrudes on my perception of perfection -- Yes!

I Love and am Loved -- there can be no greater gift! I accept this Life filled with gratitude; thankful, I accept Spirit's strength expressing through me, as me -- Yes!

I release these words to the flow of creation, knowing, believing, accepting the immortality of my Spirit. With joy, peace and light in my heart I say, "Life is Good." And so I let it be. And so it is ... Blessed Be.


(First published on SharePrayer 9/10/97)

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