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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Childhood Illness

I am relaxed and whole, I am one with God ...

For You and the newborn child you love that is facing a physical challenge to know the loving touch of Universal Mind as life unfolds naturally, completely and perfectly.

Take a deep breath and relax into this moment ... Feel the rhythm of your heart in syncopation with your breath ... Watch the thoughts flit through your mind like meteors through the night ... Now just let all this go into the background ... And affirm:

There is one God, one Creator of all that exists; this power, this intelligence, this source of all that exists is everywhere equally present in the universe, in the world, in this community, in you, in me and in Baby. There is no place this presence is not actively present. I take this moment in time to merge my awareness and my intention with this powerful presence and speak my word consciously as one with the voice of the Creator.

I know the goodness that is the source of everything and everyone and I bring this goodness into this situation knowing that Baby is a perfect gift, a perfect expression of the beauty of God. I know Baby is here with us to shine their special light and share that presence with us in ways we cannot know or predict, but in this moment I open my heart and mind and accept them as the perfect expression of life that Baby is. I know any perceived problems or dysfunctions touch not the truth of Baby's being which is perfect. I hold in mind the perfection that Baby truly is and let it come to manifestation in God's own time which is now.

I relax further into this moment and know I am one with the power and presence of God; I know I need do nothing special except relax into the warmth of God's love and cradle Baby there with me in mind where we are all one. In this loving atmosphere I open and accept the healing warmth of God's love for Baby and myself. In the beauty of this moment I am relaxed and whole and I let this moment spread out into eternity ... and just let it be.

I affirm this spiritual presence I call God is also with my family and the medical and spiritual practitioners that hold Baby in mind; I know each and every one acts on the inspiration that comes to them to help Baby adjust to life on earth. We are one mind, one community, one manifestation of love and wholeness. I accept this knowledge, this feeling, this gift and let it be.

Gratitude for the Love I feel in and all around me grows in my heart and radiates out to infinity. Thank you each and every one for joining me in Oneness supporting Baby; thank you God for the power and presence I feel here, now.

I take these words and release them to Universal Mind where they are already true and manifest and let them be; and allow life to unfold naturally.

Blessed Be

(First published on SharePrayer 8/9/97)

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