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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Open to Easy Life

I claim my right to be happy!

The purpose of this prayer is to help open You to a life that is easy, abundant, filled with love, while revealing the best way to contribute your special gift to the world.

I breathe in, I breathe out... I consciously relax my body as I do this... I consciously allow my mind to relax into this gentle rhythm of breath... My body relaxes... My mind relaxes...

I relax into the arms of the loving creator. I feel the creator all around me and know I am safe. I feel this intelligence in my body and see it in all around me. Everywhere I look I see this creative intelligence at work holding everything in its exact right shape and form. I am comforted by this feeling, seeing, knowing that I am held safely by the creator of all life.

This creative intelligence that holds me is also within me because I am one with it. In truth it can be no other way; I am a result of the creative expression of the creator; I am made of the same stuff as the creator; I am a self-conscious emanation of the creator. And as this is true of me, I know is is true of You; when we relax into the heart of the creator we are all one.

From this place of deep communion with the creator of all life I speak my word knowing it is creative and causative in the world. All that I claim in the first person is done with You in Mind, so it is creative and causative in your life now. This life is a good life; it is filled with challenges and rewards. I keep my eyes on the rewards as I move through the challenges. I greet each new day with enthusiasm for the gifts it brings and I face each challenge confidently. I affirm my oneness with the creator by taking time each morning and night to express gratitude for the guidance that comes to me each day. I stop, breathe, look and listen within each time I do not know what to do and allow the answer to come easily, gently, naturally, clearly. I choose to respond to challenges and not react. I move easily from silent contemplation to efficient action.

I accept that each challenge has an answer. I accept the creator as the source of all answers. I listen, learn, then take action. As I work in harmony with the creator, I know the path is revealed before me. For this I am very grateful.

I claim a true love that moves forward with me on this path with joy. A like-minded soul that is ready, able and willing to love me and be loved by me for all time. I claim financial abundance which means plenty of money for all my needs with enough to share and save. I claim work in the world that I love and that compensates me generously for my gift of love. I claim my right to be who I am truly and to be loved just as I am by myself and others. I claim my right to be happy!

I am very thankful now for all that creator gives me and move forward with a grateful heart. I will never forget you, I will never forsake you creator, my true forever partner in Life.

And so I release these words into your creative process, knowing they are true now and forevermore. And so I let it be and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 1/22/05)


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