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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Perfect Balance and Health

I move forward in balance and harmony ...

For You to see, feel and experience your body in perfect balance and health.

As I sit here in the morning light I relax and allow my thoughts to wander ... I release any thoughts of the activities of this day and just sit ... I reflect on the peacefulness of the natural world around me. Everything is in its place, doing its job ... the desk, the chair, the cup, the tree, the cloud, the flower ... and so it is with me ...

I continue to reflect on the naturalness of this moment, I sense a common presence in all I see. I sense the presence of a force, a power, an intelligence moving behind, before, within myself and within all my gaze and my thought touches. Yes, there is something actively present in existence that is consistent, active, creative from the beginning to now and beyond. I am one with this creative, creating, created being. As I relax into this truth, I realize I am using this power to be me right now. In truth there is no separation now or ever.

With this recognition of my unity with the creative power of the universe in mind, I speak my word affirming that which I see as true for me now. I am whole, complete and perfect. I move forward in my life in balance and harmony. I face fear as it arises in me and move to it and through it as the illusion it is in truth. I take time today and each day to touch the creative power of the universe within myself. And in this touching I accept myself as whole, complete and perfect, as I know I am in truth.

Thank you creative power for informing me with your presence. I accept your power as my own and use it now and always for the highest good. Gratefully I release these words into your loving presence, knowing they are true and manifest even before they are spoken.

So it is and so I let it be. Amen

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/11/00)

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