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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Balance Body, Mind, Spirit

I accept the healing power present in me now ...

For You to relax and in relaxing to allow the natural balance to return to your body, mind and spirit healing all appearances of dysfunction.

Slowly I let activity slip away as I close my eyes and relax. I relax into the center of my being, into my heart ... I feel the steady rhythm of my heartbeat ... I curl my tongue against the roof of my mouth and breathe deeply, relaxing further into the center of my being ... I continue this meditation, paying attention only to my heart and my breath ... I let all other thoughts go, returning always to my heart and my breath ...

Here I find safety, peace and stillness ... Here I allow a deeper relaxation to hold me in the womb of creation ... Here I come in contact with the source of all that exists, with the source of life itself ... Here I am ready to be renewed ... Here, at the source, I am whole, complete and perfect ...

I now know and affirm consistently that I am one with the original power and intelligence creating all that exists ... I affirm my acceptance of the power present now, in me, to heal any and all apparent afflictions ... I relax fully into this moment and absorb all I can of the presence in which I am immersed. I return here often and immerse myself in peace and light. I am truly one with the creative power of the universe and it is working in me and through me in this and every moment. I accept the healing power present in me now.

I am filled with gratitude for this peaceful, easy, natural feeling. Thank you Spirit within for calming me, holding me, nurturing me, healing me; I accept your warmth and presence unequivocally.

Into this creative medium I release these words knowing they are true and manifest even as they are spoken. I breathe deeply and say: "So it is and so I let it be".

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/12/98)

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