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Monday, June 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Right Livelihood

I accept the work that is right for me ...

For You to find right livelihood by relaxing into your natural wisdom, patience, peace and joy and choosing that work that fulfills you spiritually, financially and creatively.

Sitting in my chair, gazing out the window, thinking about work and the world and you, I relax and silently ask, "What is right work?" ... Silently I sit and listen for the answer ... After a while words come to me and images and feelings that relate to the question ...

Here I sit, in the center of my world. All that goes on around me is connected to me: the chair, the computer, the house, the yard, the street, the trees, the sky ... as I look around I know I am the center of my world. And as this is true for me, it is true for each and every other being on the planet, it can be no other way. Each of us are the center of our world.

However, there is one power, one creative activity present in each of us that is the same; this is the source of all that exists. We call this by many names, God, Love, Spirit, the Thing itself, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, but in truth it is one and the same for all alike. I feel this power connecting me to the source of my life and the life around me now. As I sit in silence and let all the superficial thoughts about me to dissipate and melt away, I am centered in this power right here where I sit. As I relax into this center, into its solidity and safety, I am opening to receive the answer to whatever question I pose.

There is a course, a path, for me to follow to the realization of my potential in this life. Sometimes it is clear and easy to follow, like a long straight road on a clear day; sometimes it is hidden like a curvy road on a dark stormy day; sometimes it is obscured by vagueness like a road shrouded in fog. I know the power within me guides me to the realization of my potential through any and all apparent obstacles when I allow it.

So, I sit and I listen; I look; I feel; and the truth is always there for me, to move me along my path. I know there is no power outside of me that can direct me more truly than the power I feel in me now. Each day I take this time to connect with this inner power. I sit, open my heart, open my mind, open my body to direction from my personal guidance system. Each day one more piece of the puzzle is put in place and I am closer to completing my spot in the whole. For this I am happy and I relax and I go with the flow and move steadily forward on my path through life.

I accept the work that is right for me without question and accept the spiritual, creative and financial rewards that naturally come from my connection to Good. Thank you Universal Mother/Father for the power of Life within. I am forever grateful for the gift of life and know I cannot go astray with Good in my life as it is now.

I release these words knowing they are inspired and true even before being spoken. So it is and so I let it be.

Blessed Be

(Originally published on SharePrayer 7/6/98)

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