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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Remember the Love

I welcome divine Love in my life now ...

For One to remember the love that brought Them and their Partner together and focus on the truth that love represents, thereby accepting the peace, joy and love of God into heart, home, everyday experience.

Purposefully I sit and relax ... I set aside all thoughts of this day's activities ... I sit and I breathe easily and naturally ... I look within and feel ... I feel my connection to the earth ... I feel the air flowing through my lungs energizing my body ... I feel my muscles relax ... I feel my connection to something beyond this body ... I feel an expansiveness that reaches beyond this self ... I feel my true place in the universe and my connection with God ... God, the Intelligence creating everything there is in the universe ... God, the creative energy in me, in my Partner, in my family, in all I see, feel, know ...

I know I am one with the power, presence and love of God right here and now. I know this oneness is constant and unchangeable. I know when I am in this place with God that my thoughts, feelings and words are creative in scope and impact. So, I choose to consciously speak my word now, claiming that which I see as truth beyond any apparent differences.

I remember the magical feelings that brought Us together ... I remember the glow, the smile, the sparkle ... I remember all the little things ... and I remember all the big things ... Plans and parties, passion and play, pranks and prayers, peace and purpose ... and in all this remembering I am moved to once again feel all the love present in our relationship. I feel the goodness that comes forward in this relationship; I feel the strength, commitment and compassion that wells up easily and naturally in this time of peaceful contemplation. I hold this as the truth now and always.

I know that I am the gift, I know that God moves through me and acts through me to bring all into being. So, now I relax, and let go and let God guide me forward ... let God guide my Partner forward ... knowing that each of us move unerringly toward that fulfillment that is our purpose here. I trust, I release, I accept, I welcome divine Love in my life now and always. I return to this quiet contemplation easily and naturally whenever I need to check in with my personal power through connection with God.

Grateful I am for this feeling of power, presence, peace I have now; grateful I am as I release my attachments to universal law knowing in truth all is right in the world. So it is and so I let it be, always.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/28/00)

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