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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Couple Enjoys Peace, Happiness

I align my energy with the energies of the Universe ...

For You and your Beloved to know that potential within so completely and thoroughly that it oozes out in all your thoughts, words and deeds, bringing peace, joy and happiness to you and those around you.

Trusting the One Power of the Universe, relax and let your thoughts go to that place within that connects each one to the Whole. Feel your heart beating and your lungs expanding and contracting. We are aligned with the flow of the Universe; in this moment sense that the universe also breathes, expanding and contracting ... We are specks in the vast wholeness of the universe but we are creative specks looking out from this center of consciousness to view the whole as a movie projector looks out on its work. I find joy in this vision and am inspired to speak these words for the benefit of my beloved and myself to tap into this great, wonderful creative energy on a consistent, ungoing, always basis.

We are two peas in the pod ready to spring open and sprout and grow into the wholeness that lies dormant within us. I know and affirm that the plan of the Great Spirit is for us to sprout and grow and prosper through expressing the great potential lying within us. I declare this to be the Truth. I choose to align my energy with the energies of the Universe and to grow along those lines set forth in my beginnings and to hold my beloved's hand as we traverse this space and time together into infinite eternity.

Fear appears to be all around us, in and through us; I speak these words now to recognize these feelings and to hold them up to the clear light of the Oneness that is truly all around us and through us. In this clear light I can see no fear; I can feel no fear in this clear understanding for we are embraced by the One Great Spirit and all I know in this light is Love. Yes, I allow the courage and peace and enthusiasm that flows constantly from this Love to fill my being with Light; being filled with Light, all obstacles and encrustations of past memories and beliefs dissolve and disappear into the nothingness from which they arose. All appearance of separation is dissolved and we are free to be as we were born: Creative beings here to discover happiness in physical form and in sharing our selves with one another.

Creativity abounds in each one of us as individuals, and as a couple, in this relationship. The mysteries of Life are revealed for all to see through the expression of two working as one. Overcoming the struggle and doubt and occasional feelings of separation is part of the revelation and are merely small steps on a very long path. I recognize that and agree to keep moving through the difficult terrain knowing that we are becoming stronger and the promised land will be the more beautiful for the difficulties we encounter along the way.

Happily I accept this time in our life for I know it is the threshold of eternal happiness. I accept this and bless this with great gratitude for all the peace, joy and happiness that are ours now even as we uncover just the smallest glimpses of this wonderful truth: Life is Good, truly Good and we are born to be full active participants in this Goodness.

These words are now released to the Great Spirit, to the flow of the universe where they are already manifest in this world. And so I let it be; and so it is.

Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 6/3/97)

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