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Monday, May 28, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Memorial Day

I stand strong for universal peace, harmony and balance ...

Honoring all those that put principle and the community welfare above their personal comfort knowing that by doing so they create a more harmonious, peaceful world for their children and their children's children.

Sitting here I relax and ponder the meaning of this day... I notice the gentle rhythm of my breath ... I feel the sunlight through the window ... I watch my thoughts as they flow through my mind ... I focus my attention on the topic for the day ...

I choose to begin at the beginning with that one spirit that moves through all creation ... I feel the presence of the original intelligence from which the universe springs forth in me right now. I know this same spirit is present in all that exists moving forward with the original creative intelligence ... I relax into this constant flow of evolution knowing this interconnection is true for all that exists.

Knowing that this oneness is true, I know in truth there is truly harmony, peace and balance throughout this whole world. It lives in the hearts of each and every living being; in truth it can be no other way because we all have the same original intelligence moving us forward in life. We come from one creator and live in an interconnected web of life with all Nature.

And yet we find war, poverty, slavery, exploitation, dominance, genocide, murder, and many other acts of destruction between people. This prayer is to recognize all those that stand up and move forward believing in the truth in their heart that we are meant to live in peace and mutual prosperity. Honoring interconnectedness each one moves into discomfort and danger to move us toward the realization of this goal, this basic truth that truly is born with each being as they enter this world.

I feel great respect and honor as I think on all the warriors both civil and military that stand strong in memory for their sacrifices. I know each and everyone is moved forward with a deep belief and respect in their heart for the peace, harmony and balance of life on earth and do what it takes to bring it to realization for all people everywhere. I feel this truth in my heart and harmonize with it as I move forward in life. I stand strong for peace, harmony and balance in the world. I accept a more harmonious, peaceful world for the children and their children's children...

I am grateful for the peace and power of spirit I feel active in, through and all around me now. I say thank you creator of life for filling us with this inborn ability to create peace, balance and harmony easily, naturally wherever we are and to enjoy it with all around us and to stand strong in the face of those that attempt to deny our basic rights.

And so I release this word to the creative medium of spirit which always says yes to life, peace, light, joy, love, beauty and power.

So I let it be and so it is. Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/31/04)

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