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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Law of Attraction -- On the Path to My Potential, Yes!

I consciously release my will to Spirit ...

For Me to make clear decisions and choices and follow them through to their spiritual conclusion knowing beyond all doubt or reservation that I am on the path to the realization of my potential.

Yes, there is one Spirit, one Life, one Power creating all that exists ... I breathe into this truth and then let my breath go ... I consciously choose to let go of all but this single thought: Spirit is all that is ... I feel it ... I breathe it ... I think it ... I move through it ... I am it ...

And in the oneness of Life I know you are it, too. It can be no other way but inclusive of all that exists because all that exists is Spirit!! I hear it ... I see it ... I feel it ... I accept it ... I release it through these words into the allness of Life ... into the completeness of existence ... and accept myself as a unique expression of It!

In the oneness of Life and existence I invite you to join with me in affirming the fullness of this moment and our role in it:

I align myself with the unfoldment of creation as an evolutionary process ... I consciously and completely release my will to the Will of the intelligence that moves this evolutionary process forward ... I am a willing participant in the unfoldment of Life as it reaches for complete realization of its potential and I surrender to this process.

To this end I clearly and definitely claim and declare that my choices are simple and direct. I naturally, easily, gently and with great success make those choices and decisions that lead me to the realization of my greatest role and contribution to the evolution of Life on earth and that I draw to me ample and complete financial, spiritual, emotional, and worldly support in realizing this goal.

I naturally and easily and openly accept the support of the world and of Spirit in doing this ... In being this ... I make and accept those decisions that move me toward my goal and the realization of my inborn purpose here on earth ... In living this life that I consciously choose in this moment I know I am one with Spirit creating me, my life and all else in existence.

I accept these words as divine inspiration and say Thank You Spirit divine that is within me and all that exists. I am grateful for this opportunity to listen and record your inspiration and take each word to heart. I live my life in accord with your inspiration that is in truth born in me.

In sweet surrender I release these words to the divine flow of Life and let them be all that they are in truth.

And so it is! Amen

(Originally published on SharePrayer 8/20/97)


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