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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Manifest What is Needed

I move through Life with grace and ease ...

For You to be one with the Creative Intelligence of the universe and manifest what is needed through prayer.

Sitting. Breathing. Thinking. Thinking of that which I desire to bring into my life. I watch the thoughts flow and just let them go as I continue breathing... Each breath full and complete in itself... Each breath connected one to another... Each breath pulling me into myself easily and gently... Gently I move into that feeling within where I am one with the Creative Intelligence from which the universe comes... Here, within myself, I connect with the one power creating all there is... Now I can relax and pray.

One power, one presence, one love filling all the universe with Itself. One omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent evolving life force moving out from beginning to end carrying all there is with it into now, manifesting itself as you, as me.

Here I am feeling my constant connection with the Creative Intelligence and I relax into this connection realizing I am cocreating my life by using this Intelligence as it manifests in me. I consciously choose to use this Intelligence within me to bring into my life all I need to move me along my spiritual path to the realization of that potential I bring with me to this life, to this moment.

I have a gift to share and I choose to share it freely now and open myself to receive all that it is I need to succeed in being fully myself. I accept the inherent truth that I am whole, complete and perfect just as I am in Truth and allow this truth to manifest in my life. I acknowledge and accept all the qualities of truth as mine now and always: I am Light, Joy, Peace, Love, Beauty, Power and so very much more. I move through life with grace and ease. I am filled with Life! I accept good and more good into my life as I spontaneously align myself with my highest good and am aware and present enough to say "Yes" to it and live it gratefully.

Thank you Creative Intelligence for being with me now and always; I appreciate this time and all time I spend here in communion with you. I know you are as close as my breath and I use my breath to guide me to you when I feel the need for your support and guidance; I am so grateful to be aware of this connection.

With all this said, felt, taken to heart and mind, I release this word to universal law knowing, accepting its manifestation in my life now.

Blessed Be

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