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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Love and Abundance Return

I am an expression of divine oneness ...

For this Special Person to know the expression of their specialness in the world is a gift to everyone, especially those close around them. And to relax into the center so that love and abundance they are apparently missing returns to their experience in its true fullness.

As I sit here, contemplating the universe, I attune myself to the flow of oneness that is right here, right now, as me. My words express my thoughts through the gift of speech and I just know and feel the metaphor ... as the universe flows into existence from that creative point at the center, so do these words flow from my center into existence. My center, that place where I touch the universal center and touch each and every other individual center because this is the place we are one. The expression of oneness flows through me as that Intelligence that creates the universe. Just as words flow from me so does all creation flow from this Intelligence I call Spirit. As this is true for me it is equally true for everyone for we are One in the center of creation. So, let us affirm this truth together:

I am an expression of divine oneness as I live and breathe. As I move through my life I express my part in this oneness in unique ways that no other can. This is good. As I open more and more completely to this flow of oneness through me, I am rewarded by seeing and experiencing everyone else in my life being in their own unique flow. Here I have moved beyond all thought of fault or blame or judgment. Right now I experience only a constant, creative flow of unity as I more and more completely accept the flow of oneness that is Life right here and right now! In such a flowing world, where everything is changing, Life only gets better and better. I know this, I experience this, I accept this for myself and for all those around me.

Love is powerful, Love is pure, I am held in a bond of Love with those near me and I relax into this Love now. In opening my heart to Love I open my life to the consistent material support I need for myself and those around me. I express my faith humbly, act intelligently, and gratefully accept my share of the abundance I am immersed in.

I am so thankful for the expression of Spirit that I am and for the gift that allows me to see and feel and know this truth. I gracefully release these words to the Intelligence at the center of creation knowing their truth is manifest now and forevermore. And so I let it be; and so it is.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 2/15/98)


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