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Friday, March 16, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Fearless and Full

Joy, Peace, Light, Beauty surrounds me ... fills me ...

For You to have true security by feeling, thinking, believing, knowing personal contact with the Creator within and be inspired to live your unique purpose fearless and full.

Sitting here in the silence I hear the space all around me buzzing with creative energy. All that exists flows out of this space easily and effortlessly into existence. The space and the silence is the beginning and the end for all that exists; all is One in this moment.

The Creator, the Intelligence that is before, through, after all that exists illumines this world through me, for me. I am one with this Intelligence as is all that exists; there is no possibility of separation from It. So I relax, breathe deeply and enjoy my self and the world around me.

With these thoughts in mind I speak my word affirming and claiming these Truths:

I am a powerful, expressive child of God.

I am guided from within by the Creator to live my unique purpose easily and naturally.

I intuitively know my purpose and confidently move straight ahead fulfilling my potential, one step at a time.

I am uniquely qualified for this purpose because it is mine and no one else's.

I surrender in this moment all attachment I have for anything except to follow the creative Intelligence within me. This is my calling, I hear my calling, I answer my calling right now!

Now I relax into the allness of this moment. I feel good ... I feel expansive ... I feel supported ... I feel energized ... I feel nurtured ... I pass these feelings on to those I live with, those I work with, those I pray with. I am one with the Law of Circulation; all I receive I pass on again and the energy grows logrithmically, supporting me and all around me with the Creator's abundance. Wow! I am excited ... I am enthusiastic ... I let go of my worries ... I embrace myself with Love and know I am one with the Creator.

Joy, Peace, Light, Beauty surrounds me ... spills over me ... runs through me ... I believe in my Self; I am awake and am One with the Infinite! Thank you Spirit of Life for carrying me in your heart ... thank you for opening my heart, my voice, my eyes, my mind! My gratitude flows unceasingly to you as your abundance flows unceasingly to me.

Humbly I pause and look around ... Everywhere I look I see You, divine Intelligence, Creator of the universe. Take these, my words, and cherish them as I cherish You ... I release these words to your care knowing, feeling, celebrating their creative force and just let them be. And so it is, now!


(Originally published on SharePrayer 9/12/97)


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