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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Changes in Life

I remember my gifts and use them ...

For those contemplating the Changes in Life -- the constant transformation we go through, symbolized by consistent change as we evolve and learn more about the gift we are to the universe ... For those seeking enlightenment on the path to realize all the transformations are from beauty, to beauty, and again to beauty ...

As I sit here, calmly petting the cat on my lap, visions of Mountains and Snow and Blue Skies fill my head ... I remember the feeling of snow crunching under my feet, the clear, cool air on my cheeks, icicles hanging off the eaves, and a sense of magic at the transformation of water into such a beautiful medium for nature to express itself. I reflect on that metaphor of transformation of water from vapor, to drops, to liquid, to ice, and back again through each beautiful transition in unending cycles of change, each time remaining essentially as beautiful, mysterious and powerful as before.

I know it is the same with us humans. Like clouds, we float around for awhile wondering, dreaming; then we coalesce around an idea and find ourselves on earth gathering our energy; then we flow like a stream as our idea manifests; sometimes freezing, sometimes spinning in an eddy for a time, then we thaw out or break free and flow on in spiraling cycles of evolution. I know this Spirit of transformation is active in each of us.

I reflect on the goodness in the world and I give you these words as gifts as we move forward into the light on our Spiral Path:

Take heart and you bring compassion on your Path;

Take Love and you bring Spirit on your Path;

Take Faith and you are Guided on your Path;

Take Friendship and you find Acceptance on your Path;

Take each other's hand and you are Supported on your Path;

Take Breath and you feel Joy on your Path;

Take This Moment and you bring Clarity on your Path;

Take Purpose and you bring Abundance on your Path;

Take Inspiration and you bring Healing on your Path;

Take Integrity and you find Peace on your Path;

Take Thanksgiving and you bring Wisdom on your Path;

All of this and more we have now and take with us on our Path! Let us Bless this Path with Celebration and great Hurrahs! Onward New Age Pilgrims... Remember these gifts and use them ...

Thank You Spirit for being with us, for Blessing our journey. We accept your Love and know it is always with us as we release ourselves to your Spiral Path. Yes, we are One!

And so it is.

Blessed are We!

(Originally published on SharePrayer 12/21/97)


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