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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Easy Flow of Abundance

I follow my heart and am rewarded ...

For You to open your heart and participate in the flow of abundance easily and naturally with a peaceful mind, and a happy family.

As I relax into this gray afternoon, I take this time to check in with the divine in my life. I breathe deeply and settle into my chair. I breathe deeply and relax my body and turn my thoughts inward, toward Spirit's home in my heart. I breathe deeply and open my mind and my inner ear to hear Spirit's counsel in this time of reflection ...

There is one life, one creative power, one evolving consciousness everywhere equally present in existence. I take this time to join with this consciousness in peace, quiet and reflection. Now I feel, know and express this consciousness spontaneously from my heart; from that place in me that touches the universal with compassion, empathy and openness. I know the words that come to me are inspired by the deep love of the creative intelligence for me and by my deep love for this source of all existence. So I relax into this moment and let the words flow forth as causative seeds to create the ideal life for me and my family.

Spirit is my source; all I need is supplied me. I open myself to receive this abundance easily and naturally from my being me in the world. I know I am a bright, active person in my community and my family. I naturally draw to me those opportunities and tasks that fulfill my needs, my family's needs and my community's needs; for this I am amply rewarded. I include my ex-spouse in my thoughts and prayers, knowing they are a divine manifestation of Spirit and are included in this circle of abundance, of contribution and reception. I feel the presence of the love that brought us together even as it has transmuted into something new and bless it as such. I affirm this love is a vital part of our abundance and bless it for exactly what it is. I easily and naturally turn my attention to my work as a business person knowing I am doing the right thing. In this surety I find comfort, strength and inspiration. I follow my heart and I am rewarded emotionally, spiritually, financially.

Grateful for the flow of Spirit through me now, I say Thank You Life Divine. And I release these words, these thoughts, these visions into your creative process knowing they are true and manifest even before they are spoken. I move into their fulfillment with peaceful purpose now and always. And so I let Life be perfect and free.

Blessed are We

(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/10/00)


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