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Friday, April 06, 2007

Law of Attraction -- Love is the Answer

I am Love immersed in Love ...

For You to know, feel and embrace Love as the answer, Love as the way, Love as the power, to use in facing all apparent difficulties in this world.

I breathe deep and relax into this moment ... I sit here and let go of everything except the experience of Love ... I breathe deep and relax into the depths of my being ... I sit here and experience only Love ... I let go of each thought rising in my mind and then there is only Love ...

I am immersed in a sea of Love ... I see only Love ... I feel only Love ... I think only Love ... I am Love ... Love is all there is ... I am Love immersed in Love ...

With Love everywhere in my world, as my world, my oneness with the divine is undeniable ... the divine and I are one, manifesting as Love in this holy moment. I feel this ... I see this ... I accept this ... I know this and move now as Love. I am connected in this wonderful Oneness with all creation ... I am one with the stars, the sun, the moon, the flowers, the grass, the birds flying through the sky, and most of all with the Intelligence creating all there is.

Immersed in the immensity of creation and my being One with all there is, I open now to thoughts of my family and my extended family. I open my heart and let each one into this Love filled experience and in this moment know only Love ... I give Love, I receive Love ... there is only room for Love in this moment. I relax ... I let go ... I let this soak in ... feeling the true Love behind all appearances ... In mind I embrace each member of my family ... I feel the true connection beyond all appearances ... we are one in Love. My heart opens and forgiveness floods in. In this experience of Oneness only peace, acceptance, love and Spirit prevail.

Accepting this as the spiritual truth behind all appearances in my life, I relax with Spirit as my source and as my guide. I know Love is the answer ... I know Love is the solution ... I let go of all expectations of outcome and let Spirit bring only good into my life ... I expect nothing and receive everything I require. I do nothing but stay with thoughts of Love and follow my heart easily and naturally. I affirm and accept life is good now! With a grateful heart I release these words into the Law of Love as truth already manifested. And so it is, and so I let it be.


(Originally published on SharePrayer 5/12/97)


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