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Friday, May 16, 2008

Law of Attraction -- Responsible Cocreator

I am an active cocreator of Life's goodness ...

To know, accept and act as a responsible cocreator of life.

I close my eyes for a minute and allow my attention to go within ... I watch my breath and catch the subtle rhythm of my heart beating ... I breathe deeply and let it go ... I allow my mind to slow down ... I think with my breath ... inspiration ... expiration ... again and again ...

Centered now in the fundamentals of life I open myself to grow from this point onward; I open myself to receive ideas and direction on where to go from here. Inspiration ... expiration ... As I continue breathing I imagine the universe breathing with me ... I feel there is one breath everywhere equally present in the universe ... inspiration ... expiration ... creation ... dissolution ... I feel my oneness with this power and relax into it and I feel no separation from it. I know I am one with the power creating the universe and that I am always using this power, everyday, in all that I do.

I consciously choose here and now to release thoughts of the past and of the future and to live in this present moment for I know that all exists right here, right now. I release and let go of the burdens of the past and of the future and move lightly in the present.

I accept my role in using the power of the universe to move my consciousness toward the ultimate goal of realizing itself completely and totally as one integrated whole working in absolute harmony. I accept responsibility for fulfilling my role completely by staying in tune with my inner melody; that is by balancing actions in my outer life with guidance I receive from my inner connection with the universal power.

I know that life is good and that I am an active cocreator of this goodness. I relax into this truth and accept my role the way it is. And I act from this firm base and feel supported and guided by it. I hold the intention and commitment to follow through on everything I am inspired to do. I accept my success in the present tense and release these words and thoughts into the law of creation and in faith believing go about my business.

Breathing deeply I let my words go and feel gratitude flowing in their place. Thank you God for this opportunity of realization. I am forever honored by your presence and action in my life.


(First published on SharePrayer 8-2-97)

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